Our Services

Sucker Rod Inspection

Our comprehensive rod inspection and reconditioning services are performed according to API standards. Rod inspection helps reduce well operating costs by extending the life of the rod and minimizing the risk of future well failures. Our services include:

  • Kerosene vat cleaning
  • Coupling removal and inspection
  • Shot Peening utilizing the latest Wheelabrator technology
  • Electromagnetic inspection (EMI)
  • Multiple-point visual inspection: full body, pin-ends, threads
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
  • Specialized inhibitor coating
  • Grading and color coding
  • Bundling, storage and digital inventory management

Tubing Inspection

RTS offers comprehensive inspection and reconditioning services for production tubulars. Our services include:

  • Norm survey of all incoming pipe
  • ID/OD cleaning and full length API drift
  • Electromagnetic inspection (EMI)
  • Cleaning and visual inspection of threads
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Application of lead-free thread lubricant and re-installation of thread protectors
  • Color coding and stenciling: work order, size, weight, grade, name

Well-Site EMI Inspection (“Scanning”)

RTS performs rig floor electromagnetic inspection as tubing is pulled from the well during workovers. EMI scanning detects tubing wall loss and related surface flaws such as corrosion, pitting, and rod wear that can lead to future well failures. The EMI unit is bolted on top of the wellhead and allows the EMI operator to quickly identify defective pipe that should be removed.

RTS uses the latest EMI technology to assess the integrity of your tubing to help reduce workover costs and increase well run times.

Artificial Lift Advisory

RTS has an in-house team of experienced engineers that provides technical support to supplement inspections and help solve technical challenges. Our engineers utilize RTS’ extensive inspection database to aid with the design, installation, and operation of artificial lift. Our services include:

  • Rod string design using latest RODSTAR software
  • Inspection report analysis and data trending
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Production optimization and well diagnostics
  • On site supervision for installation and handling of rod strings per API 11BR